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“ I understand it now; why hurricanes are named after people. ”
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Fucking damn

Molly Brett (1902-1990) ~ Flower Ballet ~ via

Favorite Stevie Nicks pictures: [001/?]


the chain // fleetwood mac

and if you don’t love me now
you will never love me again
i can still hear you saying
you would never break the chain



"We have to celebrate all that women have achieved in such a short period of time. This is the most exciting time to be dressing a woman. Never before has a woman been so in control of her destiny. My inspiration is always the anonymous woman on the street, the woman with a busy, full life. I think about her needs and what she will want to wear. My role as a designer has always been to design clothes that address a woman’s life and make her feel beautiful - that is what continues to inspire me creatively…”
Oscar de la Renta, in an undated interview with Vivian Chen

Designer Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014), working with American débutante Beatrice Lodge, c. 1956.